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Hotel Giannoulis ★★★

Hotel Giannoulis ★★★

Paralia – Olympus Riviera

Hotel Giannoulis is located in a well-organised tourist area, which can provide all the necessary comforts for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday (nightclubs, club, cafés, restaurants, water sports, sightseeing tours, etc.), combining the quiet family tourism and intense summer activities.

It has got two swimming pools, one for kids and one for adults and it is surrounded by trees and flowering gardens.

It has the ideal specifications to accommodate couples and families with emphasis on customer service and cleanliness.

“Hotel GIANNOULIS” consists of 38 rooms with modern furniture, which are spacious, comfort and have functionality. More specifically, our hotel rooms are equipped with: private bathroom, refrigerator, mini bar, air conditioning, TV LCD 22”, telephone and free internet. It also has two rooms specially designed for easy access in order to be used by people with disabilities. The decoration is elegant in order to offer a beautiful environment and relax the client during the stay.
Inside the hotel you can find: breakfast room, spacious lounge, bar, reception and at the outdoors: swimming pool, pool bar and parking place.

The pool in front of the hotel meets all modern safety and cleanliness standards and it is the perfect place to relax, by drinking coffee or having a drink. It is divided into two parts: an adult area of 25 × 10 meters and a children’s area of 4 x 4 meters. At the pool area, there is a bar which operates throughout the day with drinks, cocktails, snacks, coffees, ice cream, etc.

There is also a ground area with grass which is next to the swimming pools, and has been designed and built considering primarily the safety of children, allowing parents to enjoy a carefree swim. In the area of sand there is also a structured space with loungers and umbrellas where you can enjoy the bar services too.
Our hotel is located between the tourist villages of “Paralia” and “Olympic Beach” in Pieria, in front of a beautiful beach, which stretches several kilometers in size with fine, clean sand and shallow sea, which for years has been awarded with the Blue Flag of Europe and every summer it is flooded with many tourists.

From here you can gaze at the majestic Mount Olympus and Pieria Mts, the mountain of the Pierides Muses.

Hotel Giannoulis, Katerini beach, Pieria, Olympiaki akti, Olympus. It has direct and easy access to attractions in the wider region such as the  archaeological sites and museum of Dion and Vergina with the famous Macedonian graves of Phillip the 2nd, father of Alexander the Great. The mountain of the gods Olympus, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view bydrinking coffee or having lunch at the mountain shelters, two of which are accessible by car.

You can also visit the Platamonas Castle and the ski resort of Elatohori in the Pieria Mountains. Also, you can join tours to Meteora, Athens, Athos, Thessaloniki, etc. Finally, there is a port to moor your little boats.